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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Dead Or Alive - 'Come Home With Me Baby'

"Same place, after midnight,
Saw you looking so nice,
Hot stuff, pants on fire,
Please me, I want you now,

I'm born to flirt,
You're born to run,
Let's get together,
And get it on.

Come home with me baby,
Ooh, ya must be lucky,
No I don't do this for anyone,
Come home with me baby,
Ooh! ya must be lucky,
I was looking for somebody,
And you got the body I want"

When we first were introduced to Pete Burns, the lead singer for Dead Or Alive, right out of the gate it was pretty clear that he was not the typical artist. His mild gender-bending was on full display in early songs like "Brand New Lover" but by the time the group released their fourth studio album, Nude, in 1989 he had clearly quit caring what people thought. Burns was doing music his way and while mainstream radio was kind of afraid of it, Dead Or Alive was burning up the dancefloors.

"Come Home With Me Baby"  maybe would have been a huge hit if sung by someone else, if the lyrics were toned down just a bit. Burns was fearless in demanding a one-night-stand and the Latin freestyle vibe made this such a huge club hit. At a time when any hint of an alternative lifestyle was not only hidden but still considered taboo in middle America, Dead Or Alive did their thing anyway. And it was fabulous. Check out "Come Home With Me Baby" below, my all-time fav by Dead Or Alive.