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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Taylor Dayne - 'Prove Your Love'

"You're telling me to trust 
What should I believe 
You promised so much 
But talk is cheap 
You tell me that you're serious 
But I gotta know for sure 
You say how much you want me 
But I've heard it all before" 

I love looking at old promo shots. I mean, how many artists do you think cringe when they revisit their decade's old photos? I'd bet a lot of them and Taylor Dayne has to be on that list. By the time her second album was released she had already overhauled and streamlined her look. Blonde sleek hair and lines that showed off her body, but before that, her look was anything goes. Her hair was huge and crimped in spots, her makeup was from the Rainbow Brite pallet and she perfected the tutu and bustier combo. 

That's how we wanted our ladies of the 80's to look though, wasn't it? Fun, whimsical with a bit of sultriness mixed in. Dayne fit the bill and her debut album was straight fire. In fact, if you're looking to revisit a great old school dance album, her self-titled record is one to check out.

"Prove Your Love" was the second single off of it and it found its' way onto Billboard's Top ten list. It also was Dayne's first song to top the dance charts, something that was no easy task when you consider that synth and latin freestyle were both rhythmic forces to reckon with at the time. It proved that she wasn't just going to be a one-hit-wonder, but a viable artist with some great stuff to come.

Check out the video below.