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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Trying to Reconcile?

The break up of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has kind of dominated the celebrity news headlines this summer but I wouldn't pull the plug on these two just yet. Even rumors and unofficial confirmation that Affleck had hooked up with their nanny hasn't been enough to make Garner take off her wedding ring. In fact, just yesterday these two were spotted shopping together in Atlanta and their wedding rings were both still on!

We know that Garner and Affleck have continued to live together supposedly for the sake of co-parenting their three kids but the kids aren't making them keep their rings on. They are likely doing that because in spite of it looking like the marriage is finished, something still must remain between them.

Almost from the minute that they announced their split the media has wondered out loud if there was a chance for real reconciliation between Garner and Affleck. You have to admit, at least as of now their actions seem to be leaning in that direction more than a clear cut divorce. Do you think that they will eventually patch things up?